Education for Peace Conference

18 annual Education for Peace conferences have taken place since 1989. This work has focused on modeling and teaching peaceful living for children. Workshops for children in the past focused on teaching peace and non-violence. The yearly conference aimed to teach and model good decision making, how to relate to others, and how to develop the perception that all individuals are valuable units within the global family. This work is important, so that as children grow, they become aware of who they are, what their potentials are, and how they can contribute to the advancement of the human experience.
In recent years, it became increasingly difficult to provide all the services we did in the past due to financial limitations. As well, new school rules have reduced availability for field trips. Reaffirming the importance of the services that were once provided, the format of our work is changing in an effort to continue to have a presence in the education of young people.
Rather than holding one conference, Education for Peace has decided to focus our resources and efforts on multiple in-school programs. With this relocation of our resources, while the number of students reached may be more limited, our focus will be greater and more in depth. These workshops for students will take place in April 2011.
We recognize the multiple components contributing to the education and well being of children. Thus, we are excited about further expanding our services to include teachers and parents. As of 2011, we anticipate providing workshops specifically designed for teachers. These workshops will serve to provide teachers with the tools necessary to sustain ongoing peace education in their classrooms.
We also believe that providing parents with peaceful parenting skills will ensure a more healthy, harmonious, home life. By addressing parents needs to provide the foundation to cultivate the physical, social and intellectual development of their children, our work will be more rounded and complete. We hope to offer workshops for local parents in October of 2011, in order to accomplish this.
Our new work seeks to integrate home, school and community life in order to provide the most holistic approach to peace education. These components, that define human relations, are equally important in well balanced and productive life.

A Season for Nonviolence

Education for Peace is joining hands with the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in observing the Season for Nonviolence. The Season marks the 64 days between the assassinations of Gandhi and King. This work will include daily peace observances at the liberty pole—12:00-1:00. There are also many other activities and events being planned. Please check out: Season for Non Violence to learn more about the season, and for more information on how to get involved.

Internship Opportunities

Working for Education for Peace, Inc. is a great way to excel in your career field, whether it is Education, Peace Studies, Arts, Computers, Business or Marketing.

Education for Peace will tailor an internship specific to your career goals and objectives! Interns who are wishing to obtain credit must contact their colleges and universities for more details.

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